Normal channel chat rules:
-No Insulting
-No Racism
-No Spamming or Flood
-You are not allowed to advertise other servers, hacks, or scamming programs, or sites, etc (perm ban).
-If you break these rules you will get banned for 3/7 days. (Insulting a GM is a perm ban)

- Only trade with those whom you trust.
- Selling items, characters, or accounts for real money isn't allowed. 
- Don't press "Approve" button while trading with others, until they place the agreed items or gold on their exchange side.
- We WILL NOT refund or interfere if you get scammed or fooled by someone.

- When you find a bug or a glitch within the game, you MUST report it immediately. If you fail to report it and abuse the bug; You will then be banned.

If you want to report a player you need to provide us with a proof.
Without any proof, we won't ban anyone.

Server Info

  • Players Online: 43 / 2000
  • Cap 110
  • CH & EU
  • EXP/SP 200x
  • EXP/SP (Party) 250x
  • Droprate 10x
  • Goldrate 5x
  • Jobrate 70x
  • Magic Pop 2x
  • Alchemy Rate 2x
  • Battle Arena | Enabled


  • Servertime: 16:45:18
  • CTF:
  • Medusa:
  • Fortresswar:
  • Register: Everyday

Latest Unique Kills

  • InteligentuL has killed Isyutaru 1 minute ago
  • Astronomyy has killed Demon Shaitan 2 minutes ago
  • ll_DaviD_ll has killed 100 5 minutes ago
  • Roc has killed 011 38 minutes ago
  • ll_DaviD_ll has killed 100 41 minutes ago
  • AstroTheKING has killed ANUBIS 50 minutes ago
  • ll_DaviD_ll has killed 100 54 minutes ago
  • Dngruse__Man has killed 100 1 hour ago
  • Dngruse__Man has killed Cerberus 1 hour ago
  • Dngruse__Man has killed Captain Ivy 1 hour ago